Key Staff - Director

Jim McDonald CA FCPA

Accredited Business Valuation Specialist 


Jim has thirty years’ experience in financial analysis and business risk assessment in Europe and Australia. His core expertise is in business risk assessment, investigative accounting, financial modelling and valuation.


Jim is a Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand ("CAANZ") and a Fellow of CPA Australia. He is also a CAANZ Accredited Business Valuation Specialist.


Jim is a past member of the APESB (Australian Professional & Ethical Standards Board) - APES GN 20 Valuation Services Taskforce. He is a past member of CPA Australia ‘Insurance & PSL Council Scheme Advisory Committee”.


He has completed a learning manual for CPA Australia entitled “Business Valuation Regulation & Compliance’.


Jim has provided professional development training for accountants regarding interpretation of International Financial Accounting Standards IFRS, in particular the valuation of assets or “impairment”. He also regularly provides a seminar entitled “Defensible Business Valuation” to both accounting and legal professional groups.